Bare hoof success stories


Rocky was fitted with shoes as a yearling because he had a hoof imbalance which was causing him to be lame.
He went on to become a successful endurance horse clocking up 3,366 competitive miles including 5 x 100miles in a day rides.
He was retired from competition when he developed ringbone although he continued to be hacked out and enjoyed pony club activities for many years.

Farriers said that he would never be able to have his shoes removed and remain sound however after 22 years of wearing iron he experienced no problems in transitioning to barefoot. Since having his shoes removed he has been noticeably less stiff in his joints and more shore footed.
Now aged 29 he still enjoys hacking out and the occasional outing to a fun ride.


Striker has a history of laminitis and had very overgrown hooves. When I first saw him, he had difficulty in walking and would roll over if he tried to go any faster. He is still a work in progress but his hooves are much improved and he is now happy to join in with his field mates in a good charge about.


Donkeys evolved on hard and rocky ground and have adapted hooves which are hard and tough to wear, therefore they don’t do so well on our soft pasture. This can lead to hoof problems if the donkey does not get enough movement on hard ground. Excessively high heels are commonly seen which will impair the natural hoof mechanism and lead to problems such as contracted heels, folded over bars, diseased frogs and seedy toe.