Melanie's background

Melanie has been involved with horses all of her life.

From 1987-2004 she produced and rode endurance horses competing from local to International Championship level.

She enjoyed success both at home in the UK and abroad. In 1998 she was ranked top British rider and eighth in the European trophy. Then in 2000 she won the British Championships on her own Schenkers Samurai who also took the coveted Best Condition award for the 160km race. Another 160km race win followed for the pair just 6 weeks later.

Whilst competing in endurance, Melanie worked closely with her farrier to ensure that the horses’ hooves were in the best possible condition to take the rigours of competing at speed over varied terrain, so the move into barehoof trimming was a natural progression.

She graduated from the England School of Barehoof strategy in November 2009.  In the review of her work throughout the course, the school director commented:

"The confidence you demonstrated not only helped the students by observing you, but they could also see how the horses around you were responding. Many complimentary comments came to me regarding your skills"

"Watching you was an excellent experience for me as well. You have equine insight and it is a pleasure to watch."

Since retiring from competition Melanie has put her energy into studying Natural Horsemanship and barefoot trimming. She currently owns 7 horses who are all happy to be without metal shoes.

Barefoot success stories