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Barehoof Performance

Both you and your horse will enjoy the benefits of barehoof trimming.

Who is Barehoof Performance?
Barehoof Performance is run by Melanie Fauske, a professional barehoof trimmer, who has been connected and working with horses for more than thirty years. Based in Gloucestershire she has been trimming and riding barefoot horses for more than 7 years and in 2009 she became a graduate of Dan Guerrera's School of Barehoof Strategy.

Why barehoof trimming?
In essence the hoof trim is a non invasive procedure and the principle behind it is to remove only what is necessary to bring each foot into balance and keep the hoof disease free.Taking care of this will enable the hoof to reach optimum performance which gives obvious benefit as well as improving the general well being of the horse.

Why us?
Melanie works with the nature of the horse in a way that they can understand what is being asked of them without the use of force or coercion, which does no favours to horse or owner. The result is a willing, happy and safe horse to work with. She is also experienced in helping horse owners overcome problems with their horse, using the same methods

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